Harry Potter Spells and Charms

Harry Potter

The Spells and Charms in Harry Potter are part of what makes it so realistic and magical. Who among us didn’t imagine ourselves with powers that can affect things around us? We all dreamed of being Wizards, Warlocks and Witches who can do amazing things by saying a few magic words and waving a magic wand!

Here is a list of Harry Potter’s Spells and Charms and a Description of what they do:

  • Accio! – This is a summoning charm which calls an object to the caster over great distances.

It was first mentioned by Molly Weasley in the Goblet of Fire.

  • Alohomora!  - it’s a spell used to open and unlock doors, containers, windows – anything that

was manually sealed or locked with a simple charm.

It was first used by Hermione in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

  • Aguamenti! – Is a spell that makes water shoot out from the caster’s magic wand.
    It was first mentioned and taught to Harry in the Half Blood Prince.
  • Anapneo! – This spell clears the target’s airways.

              The spell was used in Half Blood Prince to clear the airway of Marcus Belby when he
was choking.

  • Aparecium! – Is a spell that make invisible ink, visible.
    First used by Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets to make words appear in Tom Riddle’s


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