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Spells From Harry Potter

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Spellbound for Starters: Survive at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I hear there is a vacancy (again!) for the job of professor of “Defence against the Dark Arts”. And if you aren’t Harry Potter, I would recommend that you brush up on your spells. Good luck- and remember you read it all here!

  1. Wingardium Leviosa (it’s Leh-Vee-Ohhh-Sa, not Leh-Vee-Oh-Saaa)

Point your wand at any object and rotate your wrist with a flourish. You will cause the object to levitate. But beware, as saying “Wingaardleviosah” will make the object explode in your face.

  1. Expelliarmus (Ecks-Pelly-Arm-Us)

It is used to disarm your opponent, especially during a duel. If timed correctly, you can catch your opponent’s wand. Its intensity can be varied, according to your opponent’s counter curse. (It defeated both The Dark Lord and Gilderoy Lockhart, so, yeah.)

  1. Riddikulus (Rid-dik–ul-oos)

The castle probably still has Dark Forces operating- and therefore, some Boggarts too. As you know, they take the form of the thing you fear most. Counter Boggarts using ‘Riddikulus’ charm- and think of something that makes you laugh. The hitherto petrifying Boggart becomes the amusing thing, rendering it, RIDDIKULUS! (I said that in Remus’ voice).

  1. Alohamora (Aloha-Morah)

From words meaning “Thief’s friend”, this is one of the most basic spells required for students in Hogwarts to disobey rules (read: become living legends). It is one of those badass spells that makes things easier. It unlocks locked doors, rooms, books etc., unless the object is protected by an anti- Alohamora charm.

Hogwarts coat of arms

  1. Accio (Ax-Eeyo)

This is a spell that summons, and can be useful in a lot of situations. But yes, it takes away from the “I left my assignment in the common room” excuse. It has been used many times, both successfully and not.


  1. Stupefy (Stew-Peh-Faai)

This spell temporarily stuns your opponent into a state of inaction. It can be reversed; it can also be intensified by use of Stupefy Duo, an exponentially more powerful version. It can be defensive or offensive and you can use it to buy you time while fighting enemies.

  1. Petrificus Totalus (Petrificus-Totalus- thank you, Sherlock!)

This incantation freezes the object on which it is cast. It is another tactic to buy oneself some time (as Hermione Granger knows so well).

  1. Reducto (Re- duck-toe)

This spell causes any solid object to explode into smithereens. It is amusing to use on balloons, especially around unsuspecting victims. It can create diversions and buy you time, but it’s not a really classy way to overcome an obstacle.

  1. Sectum Sempra (come on, you can say it right!)

This spell, a brainchild of the half-blood prince, is deceptively lethal. It causes lacerations on the victim’s body. If wounds are left untreated, death could result from severe blood loss. This spell also ‘severs’ appendages. Get it? Not to be used, except under severe provocation (unless you’re a blonde haired, green eyed Slytherin with a surname that rhymes with “Dalfoy”. Then, you’ll use it because you can.)

  1. Expecto Patronum (Expecto-putt-roe-num)

This spell conjures a Patronus, powerful energy in animal form, appearing to be made of light. It is a defence against a Dementor’s kiss, which drains the recipient of all joy and vitality. The strength of the Patronus called up by a wizard is directly proportionate to the power of the wizard.

You are now equipped to protect yourself from the Powers That Be. But do visit us often so you can hone your skills of witchcraft and wizardry and your knowledge of the wonderful world of Hogwarts.

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